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Anne's Bee Bush (Cotoneaster)

Anne’s Bee Bush (Cotoneaster)


This Cotoneaster, its name unknown, came to Highbury from Anne’s garden in Wimbledon.

Previous owners of her house had planted its parent outside the French doors, where it had grown into a formidable security guard, doing its best to stop Anne getting into the garden. We cut it back hard all round, dug out its rootball & moved it further away from the house, into a high raised bed that Anne had built.


Bees’ Favourite.

The parent plant in Wimbledon grows to a height of three metres, unless trimmed. Its Highbury child is kept lower, dividing the flowers  from the birds’ feeders. Bees hover over it, drawn by dusty PINK flowers; RED berries follow, eaten by birds (Blackbirds & Thrushes) in winter. I call it ‘Anne’s Bee Bush’.

Anne's Bee Bush, berries 2012

ANNE'S BEE BUSH in bloom