Although our garden sits in urban Islington, the London Borough with the smallest area of green space, we have wildlife. Much of it comes from the nature reserve down the street, Gillespie Park.


 Behind terraced houses, a handful of mature trees advertise our gardens to local birds. Some overfly us: Swifts, Ducks, Geese and Gulls. Crows, Jays and Magpies seldom come into the garden, but Woodpigeons, Feral Pigeons and the odd Collared Dove do. Blackbirds and Starlings love our slugs, snails, suet and mealworms.


Treecreepers, Woodpeckers, Wagtails and Chiffchaffs prefer Gillespie Park. But small garden birds – House Sparrows, Dunnocks, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Robins, Wrens & Goldfinches – find sustenance in our trees, shrubs and birdfood.


There are Toads and Newts in Gillespie Park, which has ponds. Here, even without a pond, we have Frogs.


Foxes and Grey Squirrels are plentiful in Highbury. Although not ‘wildlife’, pet Dogs must be on leads, while pet Cats roam through Highbury streets and gardens. Though well fed by their owners, some Cats stalk, kill and eat birds. And, in spite of superior Cat numbers, the neighbourhood still has its Mice.


 On Arsenal Matchdays at the new Emirates, as at the old Highbury Stadium, working Horses carry the police along local streets, helping with crowd control. But today, after centuries of cattle grazing in rural Islington, the only Cows in the area are to be found at Freightliners Farm


Wherever you live, there is probably more wildlife in your neighbourhood than you know. Some of it may seem small and insignificant to you as you go about your daily affairs. But it will have evolved a pattern of life around other creatures and its local humans. With only a little involvement on your part you could find much to learn & enjoy from this small wild world.



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