ICE PLANT (Sedum Spectabile)

China, Korea

Ice Plant w Honeybees

Its succulent, pastel green stems and leaves appear suited to a hot climate, even a desert; but Sedum Spectabile survives icy winters.

Ice Plant in spring

young ice plant leaves in springIce Plant with squirrel


IP1 Ice Plant, still looking like broccoli, 17th August 2012Honeybee on Ice Plant




Bees’ Favourite.

Flowerheads of Sedum Spectabile (corymbs) look like heads of PASTEL GREEN broccoli at first. One flower at a time turns to  a DUSTY PINK and CREAM; the Ice Plant is now at its most alluring to bees, who are all over it.

 Gradually the corymbs change to a rich MAUVE, pleasing to the human eye but of no further interest to the bees. Flowers then deepen to a dark REDDISH-PURPLE, then a RUSTY BROWN. By December, new pastel green rosettes the size of marbles nestle at the base of the old plant, waiting for spring.

ice plant,2011 crop

Ice plant purple

ice plant winter 2013 crop