OXEYE DAISY (Leucanthenum vulgare)

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Europe, Asia

Oxeye Daisies, clarified

 A tall, handsome wildflower with WHITE petals and YELLOW centres, Oxeye Daisy blooms on roadside verges & in meadows & hedgerows. Bees, Hoverflies and Butterflies such as the Meadow Brown visit it.

Other names: Butter Daisy, Caten-aroes, Crazy Bett, Drummer Daisy, Dun Daisy, Dunder Daisy, Dutch Morgan, Fair Maids of France, Fried Eggs, Gipsy Daisy, Horse Daisy, London Daisy, Mathern, Magweed, Moon Penny, White Gull

Its large blooms appear from June to September & are so bright that they appear to ‘glow’ in the evening, hence the common names ‘Moon Daisy’ and ‘Moon Penny’.



In Matt Ashdown‘s blog for The Eden Project, forager Emma Gunn says Oxeye Daisy buds and flowers are edible. Together with advice on foraging for wild food, her recipe for tempura battered Oxeye Daisies is included on the website.


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Eden Project horticulturist Shirley Walker, giving tips on how to make a wildflower meadow in your garden, finishes with ‘the simple but perfect white Oxeye Daisy.’