Verbena Bonariensis at Gillespie Park

Verbena Bonariensis at Gillespie Park

S America – Brazil to Argentina

Clusters of tiny LAVENDER PINK flowers sit atop the tall square stems of this perennial from South America. The plant makes an open screen two metres high.


Bees’ Favourite

Slugs and snails are uninterested in Verbena bonariensis. Its rough stems deter any nibbling. But bees flock to it, clinging to the flower mounds as they blow in the breeze.

While these plants grow successfully in nearby Highbury front gardens, we have lost two plants to icy winter conditions in the back garden here.

Verbena Bonariensis 2014, below, survived winter planted in its sheltered half barrel.

Verbena Bonariensis, Highbury Wildlife Gdn 2014

Verbena Bonariensis, Highbury Wildlife Gdn, 2014


Christopher Lloyd planted Verbena Bonariensis in his garden at Great Dixter. If you hope to visit one great garden in the Southeast this year, why not make it Great Dixter? Go to their website for inspirational details. Christopher Lloyd may be gone, but his work lives on here.


Verbena Bonariensis flowers close up