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There was a time when the southeast of the country, including what is now Highbury, was covered with warm shallow seas and swamps. Wildlife of the time, including Dinosaurs, evolved to suit the changing conditions.

However many Dinosaurs may have roamed across Highbury long ago, (see Highbury’s Past in the drop-down menu for some from the Jurassic and Cretaceous eras) only one local land-based Dinosaur remains – a working Dinosaur called Gunnersaurus. A subspecies of Iguanodon? Possibly. A vegetarian or herbivore Dinosaur? No-one knows.

Gunnersaurus gravitates towards crowds of humans in general and football fans in particular, with his work for Arsenal Football Club taking up much of his time. We have wondered if his predecessors might have played any sport similar to football, but Gunnersaurus’ answer to the question was a typical ‘no comment’. He is in demand for personal appearances, as in these photos from the FA Cup parade through Highbury and the Gillespie Festival, in addition to his work on the pitch. (photos of Gunnersaurus-Rex- to be credited)


Official Gunnersaurus photo in F A Cup parade through Highbury

Official Gunnersaurus photo in FA Cup parade through Highbury

Gunnersaurus-Rex Gunnersaurus, Gillespie Festival 100906 0303 Gunnersaurus - thumbs up at Gillespie Festival, 2006Gunnersaurus at Gillespie Festival 2006